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Balancing work and life


Balancing work and life can be difficult at times. When we work 8-5, we are bound to come across things that we need to do during that time frame, especially if you have children. I realized today that during my lunch I was taking care of personal business and making my “to do” list for when I got home this evening that many people do not have the luxury I do of sitting at a desk with a phone and a computer to accomplish things that need to be done while at work. Some people have to go to a break room where there is no computer or privacy to make personal phone calls. Cell phones have helped with this, but it is not enough. Now as I am even thinking more about this, some people do not even have enough time to eat and have a restroom break during their allotted lunch time. How do we help these people?

Companies need to work harder at helping employees balance their work and family life. Perhaps next to the supervisor’s office inside of a factory there should be another office with some cubicle set up with phones and computers so employees can handle personal business on their lunch hour. Perhaps companies should be more flexible with work hours. Large companies have the ability to offer better benefits such as more time off, or better working conditions in general. Small companies can help their employees with some small changes, they just need to think outside of the box. What is keeping the employees from fulfilling their daily work? The thought of what they need to get done in their personal life. How can you help your employees?

When I first started studying work and family life I really didn’t understand it. When you are at work, you work. When you are at home, you live. It’s no longer that simple with the demands of daily life spilling over into the work place and the demands of work spilling over into our personal lives.

If you are a small business owner or an employee that needs help with balancing these demands feel free to send me an email and I can discuss things with you and give practical suggestions that may be of assistance.


Questioning Simplicity?


I have never been a materialistic person. I do not care about labels, or brand names on my clothes. I only care that I like it, it is made to last, and I get my money out of it. I have some clothes in my closet that I know I have had 20 years and they aren’t ones that have gone out of style either. What if we lived in a world where more people were like that? The media influences most of our choices, especially those of children. I tried to explain some of my ideas to my 15 year old daughter last night and she thinks I am crazy. However, she loves going to the thrift store. That’s not to say that she doesn’t love shopping at the mall buying her brand name stuff, but she has a nice mix. I think that one of my goals is to not buy any new clothing (with the exception of under garments) for the rest of the year. This may be hard since I am going to the gym and will hopefully be losing the weight I have put on in the past 2 years (about 20 pounds), but I can make it work. I still have my nice dress clothes for work that no longer fit me (I think). 

So, now that I have that goal I was thinking about another goal. My daughter and I are looking for new cell phones. Technology is really ruining this world in my opinion, but that is another post in itself. I have a smart phone which I have only had for about 18 months. Prior to that, I had the old style flip phone. I am debating back and forth over going back to just a plain old phone with talk and text and no data coverage. My drawback is that my daughter goes to school online and in the event our internet is down for some reason we would be able to use the mobile hot spot on the phone to get online (which I have had to do many times). Now I am thinking about my lovely app Pinterest. What am I going to do when I am picking my daughter up somewhere and won’t be able to look at Pinterest or play Candy Crush? Oh the thought of not having technology in my hand 24/7 is both scary and exhilarating at the same time. What about not being able to take pictures?  Oh wow!  Maybe I should think about how much I use the smartphone as opposed to whether or not I have one…

Thoughts anyone?


Swap Romp


Organized Swap Sale

There is a church in my community that is having an organized swap this Saturday.  They are asking everyone to bring things they do not need as long as they are in working order and clean. You leave what you bring and you take what you need. What a great idea! I would love to organize one of these someday. If I had not just cleaned out my closets and gotten rid of everything I no longer fit or need, I would go and see how it works.  Actually I may go anyway. I think I can dig up some more stuff I don’t need! If I can’t find anything that I need, then at least the stuff I don’t need can go to someone who does need it. 


Kitchen One Hour Challenge: Say What?


My washer and dryer is actually in the kitchen just to the right of where this picture ends. That is why the laundry basket is in there.

This picture and the following are some before pictures of my kitchen: prior to the one hour challenge: Yes, that’s right, this kitchen was NASTY!


This is literally my only counter space except for the tiny space to the left of the sink where the dish dryer is.


This is the top of my fridge, this actually doesn’t look as bad as it has in the past. We keep our pet supplies up there for easy access (leashes, treats, and my dog has his own peanut butter)


This normally looks worse. No one in this house likes to do dishes and my kitchen is too small for a dishwasher.


This is one of the worst areas! The overflowing drawers and dishes air drying, makes this place look hideous!

So, here are the after pictures:

Happy New Year 013

The recycling bin is still looking pretty yucky, but with the snow outside I did not want to empty it. I am actually looking for better containers for the trash and recycling (something pretty).

Happy New Year 014

See my washer and dryer set are in the picture. The cabinet next to it is where we keep our food due to limited cabinet space. And there is the trash can I need to find a better place for. Any ideas?

Happy New Year 015 Happy New Year 016 Happy New Year 017Ok, so I am still getting used to posting pictures, so I know this looks funny, but in the one hour I cleaned all of the kitchen plus I put away the clothes that were in the laundry basket and folded the towels that were in the dryer. After doing all of that I was sweating and still had 10 minutes left. The kitchen is very small with limited space and gets very crowded, but now at least it is clean! 

So, get motivated by one hour challenges!

Motivation: One Hour Challenges For The Proscratinator


As I was going through college I was a procrastinator when it came to writing my papers. I remember getting off of work in the evening, coming home, starting my research, and finishing my paper by the midnight deadline. Yes, most of the time I thrive under pressure! When I was having a hard time motivating myself one evening a friend of mine told me about “one hour challenges”. The premise is simple: Challenge yourself to see how much you can get done in one hour. I started applying this to other areas of my life and it has worked wonders. I am going to be a little transparent here for a minute: I am not the best housekeeper, in fact I may be the worst. I used to blame it on my mother for not holding me accountable to do any chores or to even keep my room clean. Now I realize, I have just been lazy. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow right? (NO)

During the past couple of years while finishing my Masters Degree, my house has become a complete and total mess, not to mention that I married one of the messiest people in the world. I actually just found out not too long ago that before I got married, my brother in law actually was so sick of the mess at my husband’s house, he went over and cleaned it. 

Now I have evenings and weekends free to get my home organized. I have been researching other blogs and the Pinterest website to find ideas, but I am going to incorporate those ideas into my one hour challenges. 

Here is how a one hour challenge actually works: Set a timer (I use my oven timer, or the alarm on my phone) and have a list (or at least an idea) of what you want to accomplish during that hour. Your daily goals could be incorporated into the one hour challenge. You do nothing for that hour except focus on what you are doing, if the phone rings ignore it, if you get a text ignore that too. Do not let anything take your attention away, so shut off the TV and get started!   Once the timer goes off look around and see your accomplishments!

Good luck!


Update on Goals


My New Years Day dinner was a success. Everything turned out really good, but I do not think it is worthy of posting the recipes. Maybe after I tweak the recipes and make them a few more times…. 

So, my goal for today was to go to work, clean the kitchen and do a load of laundry. Work and kitchen are done, laundry is waiting to go in the dryer. 

I just added a new page to the Blog. I live in Dayton, OH, so it has a calendar of some free things to do with family or alone. I really believe that our society needs to get back to the basics of spending time with family (or alone if they chose) and not spending money on unnecessary items. I would love to hear some ideas for the blog. I have a ton, but it will take some time to get all up and running.  

Hello 2014


Happy New Year! 

May everyone have the best year ever! I don’t really do the new years resolution thing, but I do plan to make some changes and help as many people as possible this year. 

First thing we all need to do is set some goals, not resolutions. Start with daily goals, then move ahead to longer goals (weekly, monthly, yearly). Start small! My first goal for today is to make boneless ribs, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. I have never made ribs or black-eyed peas, so if they turn out good I will post the recipe (and maybe even some pictures). 

May everyone be blessed in abundance today, smile at someone, give someone a hug, tell someone you love them, or start chatting up the person in line behind you if you go to the store. Get back to being social and loving people! Look at everyone you see as a potential friend or someone to learn something from. When we open our minds to new things the opportunities are endless.