Motivation: One Hour Challenges For The Proscratinator


As I was going through college I was a procrastinator when it came to writing my papers. I remember getting off of work in the evening, coming home, starting my research, and finishing my paper by the midnight deadline. Yes, most of the time I thrive under pressure! When I was having a hard time motivating myself one evening a friend of mine told me about “one hour challenges”. The premise is simple: Challenge yourself to see how much you can get done in one hour. I started applying this to other areas of my life and it has worked wonders. I am going to be a little transparent here for a minute: I am not the best housekeeper, in fact I may be the worst. I used to blame it on my mother for not holding me accountable to do any chores or to even keep my room clean. Now I realize, I have just been lazy. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow right? (NO)

During the past couple of years while finishing my Masters Degree, my house has become a complete and total mess, not to mention that I married one of the messiest people in the world. I actually just found out not too long ago that before I got married, my brother in law actually was so sick of the mess at my husband’s house, he went over and cleaned it. 

Now I have evenings and weekends free to get my home organized. I have been researching other blogs and the Pinterest website to find ideas, but I am going to incorporate those ideas into my one hour challenges. 

Here is how a one hour challenge actually works: Set a timer (I use my oven timer, or the alarm on my phone) and have a list (or at least an idea) of what you want to accomplish during that hour. Your daily goals could be incorporated into the one hour challenge. You do nothing for that hour except focus on what you are doing, if the phone rings ignore it, if you get a text ignore that too. Do not let anything take your attention away, so shut off the TV and get started!   Once the timer goes off look around and see your accomplishments!

Good luck!



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