Kitchen One Hour Challenge: Say What?


My washer and dryer is actually in the kitchen just to the right of where this picture ends. That is why the laundry basket is in there.

This picture and the following are some before pictures of my kitchen: prior to the one hour challenge: Yes, that’s right, this kitchen was NASTY!


This is literally my only counter space except for the tiny space to the left of the sink where the dish dryer is.


This is the top of my fridge, this actually doesn’t look as bad as it has in the past. We keep our pet supplies up there for easy access (leashes, treats, and my dog has his own peanut butter)


This normally looks worse. No one in this house likes to do dishes and my kitchen is too small for a dishwasher.


This is one of the worst areas! The overflowing drawers and dishes air drying, makes this place look hideous!

So, here are the after pictures:

Happy New Year 013

The recycling bin is still looking pretty yucky, but with the snow outside I did not want to empty it. I am actually looking for better containers for the trash and recycling (something pretty).

Happy New Year 014

See my washer and dryer set are in the picture. The cabinet next to it is where we keep our food due to limited cabinet space. And there is the trash can I need to find a better place for. Any ideas?

Happy New Year 015 Happy New Year 016 Happy New Year 017Ok, so I am still getting used to posting pictures, so I know this looks funny, but in the one hour I cleaned all of the kitchen plus I put away the clothes that were in the laundry basket and folded the towels that were in the dryer. After doing all of that I was sweating and still had 10 minutes left. The kitchen is very small with limited space and gets very crowded, but now at least it is clean! 

So, get motivated by one hour challenges!


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