Questioning Simplicity?


I have never been a materialistic person. I do not care about labels, or brand names on my clothes. I only care that I like it, it is made to last, and I get my money out of it. I have some clothes in my closet that I know I have had 20 years and they aren’t ones that have gone out of style either. What if we lived in a world where more people were like that? The media influences most of our choices, especially those of children. I tried to explain some of my ideas to my 15 year old daughter last night and she thinks I am crazy. However, she loves going to the thrift store. That’s not to say that she doesn’t love shopping at the mall buying her brand name stuff, but she has a nice mix. I think that one of my goals is to not buy any new clothing (with the exception of under garments) for the rest of the year. This may be hard since I am going to the gym and will hopefully be losing the weight I have put on in the past 2 years (about 20 pounds), but I can make it work. I still have my nice dress clothes for work that no longer fit me (I think). 

So, now that I have that goal I was thinking about another goal. My daughter and I are looking for new cell phones. Technology is really ruining this world in my opinion, but that is another post in itself. I have a smart phone which I have only had for about 18 months. Prior to that, I had the old style flip phone. I am debating back and forth over going back to just a plain old phone with talk and text and no data coverage. My drawback is that my daughter goes to school online and in the event our internet is down for some reason we would be able to use the mobile hot spot on the phone to get online (which I have had to do many times). Now I am thinking about my lovely app Pinterest. What am I going to do when I am picking my daughter up somewhere and won’t be able to look at Pinterest or play Candy Crush? Oh the thought of not having technology in my hand 24/7 is both scary and exhilarating at the same time. What about not being able to take pictures?  Oh wow!  Maybe I should think about how much I use the smartphone as opposed to whether or not I have one…

Thoughts anyone?



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  1. Ah, great post. The first paragraph which talks about clothing and closet, I can totally relate to it. It happens with me too. But, I feel extremely positive as now my closet consists of only the things which I love to wear as oppose to all the garbage which I use to store earlier thinking that maybe someday I’ll wear it.

    Technology indeed is distracting. I feel you should teach your daughter about how to just be and not make dependent on technology. No doubt that technology is convenient but more often than not we end up abusing it rather than just using it for convenience.

    I would suggest try to experiment for 30 days without smartphone. See how you feel. First few days obviously will be frustrating but I think you’ll begin to feel light after few and completely would be able to take ownership of your time.

    Would love a feedback from you on my blog on minimalism and simplicity 🙂

    Keep in touch. Cheers.

    • Thank you for your response. I used to keep every article of clothing I ever bought, however over the years I have learned that if I didn’t wear it this year, I am not going to wear it next year. I have however kept work clothes that I have grown out of this year because I would like to either fit back into them, or give them to someone that needs them.

      As it turns out, I no longer need to make a decision on our new phones, we are keeping our old ones for now. I do like the idea of going without a smartphone for 30 days. I have a great interest in living simple. It gives you more time to enjoy what you really love.

      I will check out your Blog!

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