Balancing work and life


Balancing work and life can be difficult at times. When we work 8-5, we are bound to come across things that we need to do during that time frame, especially if you have children. I realized today that during my lunch I was taking care of personal business and making my “to do” list for when I got home this evening that many people do not have the luxury I do of sitting at a desk with a phone and a computer to accomplish things that need to be done while at work. Some people have to go to a break room where there is no computer or privacy to make personal phone calls. Cell phones have helped with this, but it is not enough. Now as I am even thinking more about this, some people do not even have enough time to eat and have a restroom break during their allotted lunch time. How do we help these people?

Companies need to work harder at helping employees balance their work and family life. Perhaps next to the supervisor’s office inside of a factory there should be another office with some cubicle set up with phones and computers so employees can handle personal business on their lunch hour. Perhaps companies should be more flexible with work hours. Large companies have the ability to offer better benefits such as more time off, or better working conditions in general. Small companies can help their employees with some small changes, they just need to think outside of the box. What is keeping the employees from fulfilling their daily work? The thought of what they need to get done in their personal life. How can you help your employees?

When I first started studying work and family life I really didn’t understand it. When you are at work, you work. When you are at home, you live. It’s no longer that simple with the demands of daily life spilling over into the work place and the demands of work spilling over into our personal lives.

If you are a small business owner or an employee that needs help with balancing these demands feel free to send me an email and I can discuss things with you and give practical suggestions that may be of assistance.


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