How do we find normal?


In church a few weeks ago the pastor spoke on how we tend to normalize things in our life just because it seems normal. Examples included things like:

  • “My dad talked to my mom like that, so shouldn’t my husband talk to me like that?”
  • “All of the girls spend that much money when they go to the mall, it’s okay to spend that much.”
  • “I’ve been taking these pills all of my life.”
  • “Doesn’t everyone smoke pot when they come home from work?”

And so on…..

There is so much truth in the message he spoke today. What is normal and how do we find normal in our lives? Do we actually know what normal is? It is normal for the sun to come up every morning, it is normal for us to breathe, it is normal for us to eat, it is normal for us to ………… What else?  What else is normal? I always thought it was normal for a girl to grow up to be a woman and marry a man. That’s how it was at my house growing up. (My parents have been married over 40 years) I am in my second marriage and we are currently separated.  Maybe “my normal” is being alone?  What I do know is that only you can find your own “normal”. Do not settle for less than you deserve and do not go along with everyone else just because “everyone is doing it”. Be true to yourself and you should find your own normal. If you are blessed with the Holy Spirit let it guide you. God’s word speaks to us when we hear it and when we read it.


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