Front Load Washers stink- literally


Last month I purchased a front load washer (stackable) and dryer set, LG.  I love them, however everyone that has one tells me that they end up stinking.  One month into owning mine it smelled like something died in my kitchen (if you read my one hour kitchen challenge you know my washer and dryer are actually set up in my kitchen). My clothes smelled fine, but when standing in front of the washer it was horrible. I printed some coupons from tide cleanser for front High Efficiency washers, but I have not had a chance to wait for them to go on sale so I could purchase them. (as I’ve stated before, yes…I am that cheap) This morning I put vinegar in the detergent container and put it on the cleaning cycle, then I put bleach in all of the containers and ran it on the cleaning cycle.  Now this process took almost 4 hours, but the smell is completely gone!  Oh, I don’t want to forget to tell you that I ran a rag with bleach water along the inside of the rubber seal and then towel dried the door.  I am going to start that process alone each time I finish laundry, well at least wipe the door off. 

I haven’t even checked the price of the Tide cleansers, but I am almost positive that being on sale and using a coupon it is more expensive than some vinegar and bleach! 



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