Update on unruliness


Our hearing for the charges I filed against my daughter was supposed to this past Thursday at 8:00 am. I had not told her that I did this, but I had to do something because she is not listening to me. I could not sleep Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night. I told my daughter Wednesday night about our appointment Thursday morning. This little 15 year old girl that cusses up a storm and thinks she is the baddest thing since Thelma and Louise broke down in tears. She asked me why I hated her and just cried for what seemed like an hour. I explained why I did what I did and then she goes into her room and tweets about it (like a gangster would be bragging). Well, Thursday morning came and with little sleep the night before the first thing I did when I woke up was throw up. I had been so nervous, not sleeping and constantly sick to my stomach the entire week, but then the phone rings and I realize it is someone from the county calling me (it’s 6:30 am). The lady that is to do my hearing is sick, so she will call me when she can so we can reschedule. 

In other words: there is no update on the update. 

My daughter has been nothing but sickening sweet and asked me if I could not go through with this, but I have to for my sanity. 

I will of course, keep you updated. 


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