Dating my husband


I have been separated from my husband since the beginning of the year. I felt like once we got married we became roommates, but then he didn’t even do his share as a roommate. He has been living with his brother one hour away. When I think back, the reason I got married was because I was lonely. I set out to find someone with the same Christian values, some good friends, no bad habits and be financially stable. He met these, but I don’t think I was ever “in love” with him. We got married very quick (within 6 months of meeting each other). 

This picture at the bottom of the post is of us Friday night with the popular Christian Rock band Skillet. Look at the picture and I want to point out a couple things: first of all we are the ones in the middle, he is wearing the hat backwards and I am on his right (looking at the picture,but actually on his left). He calls this smiling. I asked him before we went up to get our picture taken if he was going to smile and he said “I don’t have a problem smiling anymore since I have my dentures (another blog post), it was before that when I didn’t smile during pictures.”  My reply was “really, because the last picture over the holidays at my parents house you were not smiling.”  Without any further words I guess this picture is his idea of smiling. Another thing I want to point out about the picture is that the tickets cost $100 a piece to shake Skillet and Third Day’s hand and get pictures with them (I have not downloaded the Third Day picture yet) and to get in the first 5 rows of the theater. The tickets for just the show: $30 a piece. Ok, so I like Skillet and I like Third Day, but neither of them are anywhere near my top bands and you can actually see that I am happy in this picture – I am getting my picture taken with some pretty famous people here, but look at my husband’s “smile”. Skillet is his favorite band, you would think he would look a little more excited.  Now, I wanted to get the tickets that were $30, but he was so adamant about getting the “meet and greet” and photo opp for another $70 per ticket, that we did this as Christmas presents to each other.Another thing I wanted to point out in the picture is the fact that he has a hat on. Not a big deal right?  Wrong…. The entire time we dated I never saw with a hat on, now he constantly wears  one everywhere. He wears one when we go out to eat, on date night, pretty much everywhere except for church. I think that is rude to wear a hat all of the time especially to dinner and on our date nights. That opinion would not even change is he had his hat on the first time we met. If he wore a  hat the first time we met (which was on a date) we would not have had another one.

So, Friday we set out to the concert, ate lunch and checked into our hotel room. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express with an indoor pool because I LOVE to swim. In the morning the pool opened at 8am, so I asked my husband around 7:45 if he wanted to go swimming with me. Well, he didn’t answer me, so then I added “or would you rather get some of the free breakfast buffet?”. He immediately said “well, food doesn’t bad right now.” so we get dressed and head on down for some grub. 

You know how most of the hotels have the waffle makers that everyone loves, well, this hotel had a pancake maker that my husband was so excited about trying out. We get down to eat, I get my usual biscuit and gravy, cinnamon roll, orange juice and coffee while my husband goes over to the pancake maker. He comes back with a cinnamon roll.  I ask him if the machine is making his pancakes and he said “no, it’s out of batter”. So I tell him to ask one of the ladies that is working at the breakfast bar to put some more batter in it, they probably do not know it is empty. He refused to ask for any type of help. (So I tell you this story to let you know that basically when It comes to getting what he wants he pretty much has no balls-for lack of a better saying) 

That was just the beginning of a not so great “date” with my husband because he stayed over last night so we could go so my nephew’s band play at a local club. I don’t want to get into how bad that date went, but bottom line is that I have literally nothing in common with my husband and we cannot force ourselves to find something in common. The only thing we have in common is our Christian faith, but in a case like ours, is that enough?  

To give more background, my stepson is a brat. It was during the week that he was here over the holidays that I  told my husband I wanted a divorce, then the day my stepson left is the day I told my husband to leave. There is so much there to write about, it could be a book, but this weekend I wanted to know that if my daughter and his son were not in the picture “are we compatible” and I think the answer is “no”. 



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